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Made in USABPA-Free

Flipple turns most standard water bottles into anywhere-anytime baby bottles or sippy cups!

Made in USABPA-Free
Easily flip between nipple or sippy spout.

Giving hungry baby a Flipple bottle in the car

Flipple is a quick & easy solution in any situation —so keep Flipples in your diaper bag, car, purse, grandma's house; anywhere they'll be convenient, because the time you realize you need a Flipple, it might be too late!

Whether used every day or just in emergency situations, you'll enjoy the freedom and convenience Flipple brings to your routine.

Lighten your load …Leave the baby bottles & sippy cups at home!

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  • Traffic Delays... No Problem
  • Airport Delays or Long Flights... No Problem
  • Weather Concerns... No Problem
  • Water Safety Concerns... No Problem
  • Dirty Baby Bottles... No Problem

With Flipple in hand, buy water on the go and know that safe, fast and easy hydration is never a problem.

Simply screw Flipple onto bottled water and add any standard nipple. For sippy bottle, remove the nipple and add the special sippy spout.

Enjoy the luxury of switching back and forth between a baby bottle and a sippy during the weaning period.

Come clean up time, put Flipple back in your bag and recycle the bottles, the only things to wash are the nipple and/or sippy top, & collar.

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Thank you for choosing Flipple; your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Flipple fits most standard U.S. brands of bottled water. (This does not include wide-mouth or metric bottles such as Evian)

 Get a printable PDF guide here

Flipple should only be used with products suitable for babies and toddlers. It is not intended for use with carbonated beverages.

 See Flipple instructions and ideas for other ways to use our products here

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Flipple is made in the USA, it's BPA Free,
and it makes a great gift!
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Fun Fact:

Did you know toddlers will grab bottled water before their own baby bottles?
Why? Because they like to copy their parents and also enjoy the crunchy sound of the water bottles. Another reason to buy Flipple!

 Don't forget to get a few extras to give to the grandparents.